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misfits_inc's Journal

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we met. we fell in love. now we're pligs.

the community is not about anything in particular, enter an insane rambling if it suits your fancy. JUST JOIN, YOU BASTARDS!

hint hint: humor is a must.
abortion, absolutely fabulous, acrobatic sex, aesthetics, african dancing men, alice in wonderland, america, angelina jolie, angels in drag, anti conformity, anti homophobia, anti loop, anti spoon, anti-helena bonham carter, arguing, art, astrology, atheism, audrey hepburn, babes in toyland, babydoll dresses, bath and body works, batman, beat generation, beethoven, being john malkovich, bikini kill, bisexuality, bjork, black and white photos, blondie, bohemianism, breakfast at tiffany's, buffy the vampire slayer, catholicism, cats, catwoman, cheshire cat, comic books, courtney love, dashboard confessional, david lynch, day dreaming, dead kennedys, debating, devils, diamonds, dildos, dogma, dr. suess, drama, drawing, dreams, druidism, eating ice, ebola virus, edgar allan poe, edward norton, edward scissorhands, elizabeth bathory, england, eraserhead, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fairy tales, fantasy, fashion, films, fiona apple, fishnet, foo fighters, forks, gang bang bunni, ghost world, glass slippers, goblins, harassing, harley quinn, hole, ice cream, idealism, intelligence, jack off jill, jay & silent bob, johnny depp, kids in the hall, kurt cobain, le tigre, lisa marie, lit, masturbation, mr. rogers, mulholland drive, mystery science theatre 3000, natalie imbruglia, necrophilia, newsradio, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, no doubt, nocturnal hypochondria, nymphomaniacs, obsessing, parasite eve, pediophobia, pessimism, photography, plotting, poetry, pretty eyes, radiohead, reincarnation, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, saturday night live, scooby snacks, secret handshakes, seseme street, sex pistols, siouxsie and the banshees, sleep depravation, sleepy hollow, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, space ghost coast-to-coast, spirituality, sporks, stars, stockings, strangers in the night, switchblade symphony, tank girl, tea parties, technicolor dream coats, the beats, the black market, the clash, the joker, the misfits, the specials, thrift shops, tim burton, tori amos, vacuum attachments, vincent price, weezer, wit, witch of the west, wizard of oz, world domination ambition