Crystal Dollies - Premium Handmade Accessories

Crystal Dollies
Premium Handmade Accessories

All our accessories are handmade and design by us. All our materials are specially imported from Japan and crystals materials from Swarovski truss. Each design we handmade is only exclusive in its own piece.




Our accessories are handmade in one and only piece of each design. We dont do remakes so that customers can enjoy the exclusive accessories which handmade by us. This is our promise to our customers who purchase any of our accessories.

Our services includes wedding accessories, event like Dinner and Dance accessories, repair services, free advise on the design ( No fees included) and custom made accessories.

You may wish to contact us for more information or you may visit our website for more daily updates of our handmade accessories..

Website :
Email : or
Designers : Kelly Lim / Karen Lim
Contact number : +65 98510787 (weekdays 12pm to 5pm)
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1. What are your general feelings about jealousy?

2. How do respond to your own jealousy?

3. How do you respond to the jealousy of others?

4. What have been some of your experiences with jealousy?
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If you came with a warning label, what would it be?

I wanna hear it.

I'm making a musical project called "WARNING" exploring this very question, using audio samples of you beautiful people telling me what yourwarning lable is.

So make recording (WAV, MP3, etc), don't be shy. Prove that Windows Sound Recorder is not totally useless!

Link submission here or email them

Free iPod (not scam, i swear)

Hi everyone. I know I don't post to this community very often, but this is pretty cool. I found this site,, where you can get a free iPod. All you have to do is register for one of the free available services, refer five other people, and you'll get a free ipod nano or ipod video.

Don't worry, I'm not some crazy spammer or part of any "congo line", but this is the real deal. I did some research, and I found this two articles: and Both of the articles say that this particular site has been around for a while, and actually is legit.

If you guys are interested, it's pretty easy. Just register on the site, then choose one of the offered free trials (I would personally suggest the RealArcade trial, because Real/RealPlayer is an authentic and reliable company/program. Not only is it free, but I immediately ended my trial after beginning it). After that, just get five other people to register and you should get an iPod.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye everyone.